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Lake Como and its territory offer not only splendid natural landscapes and host monuments and villas rich in history and art, but are also the scene for fascinating cultural and recreational events. Here are some of the regular events on the lake and its surroundings, not to be missed: every year there are thousands of offers for all interests. Let us know your wishes, we will help you find the event that is fit for you.

Must-see events

Lake celebrations

Varenna’s “Festa del Lago” is held between the end of June and the beginning of July. From historical re-enactments to firework displays, and a wide selection of street food: a unique and fascinating way to enjoy the town and the lake, getting a taste of the local atmosphere

San Giovanni Festival

The San Giovanni Festival is held at the end of June and is one of the most ancient celebrations on Lake Como: don’t miss out on one of the most famous fireworks displays on the lake, and the symbolic bonfire on Isola Comacina, on the western branch of the lake.

For the most passionate

Celebrations, festivals, fireworks, and that unique atmosphere that can only be felt on this lake, and more: the land also offers events for those who wish to put their passions into practice. Here are some of the most sought-after events: whether you are into cultural, natural, or sporty activities, let us know and we will help you find what is best for you.

“Musica sull’Acqua” Festival

In July, the town of Colico, on the northern shore of the lake, is filled with music: this festival is an engaging musical journey that attracts musicians famous all over the world. The repertoire, often rare and highly captivating, includes different genres and styles.

Bellagio Festival

The festival of Bellagio and Lake Como has the dual goal of making room for the musical and cultural worlds and valorizing the magical lands around the lake. It is held between June and August in different surrounding locations and it’s well-known at a national and international level.

Centomiglia del Lario

In the month of October, Lake Como is the setting for engaging sports competitions that are contested in its waters: we are talking about the Centomiglia del Lago (100 miles swimming race) and the concomitant endurance and offshore races, both on the Italian and the world scene. Adrenaline for all.